MM17 Throw Deuces to Death

Isn’t the Eyrie just one big fire hydrant? Who would Heath Ledger portray in the ASOIAF universe? And who *did* write that song “Blinded By the Light?” Join JoeMagician, glass_table_girl, and Bookshelfstud as they answer these pressing questions and throw deuces to death!

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Introduction Question: Who is your favorite Targaryen?

GRRM in Guadalajara by /u/Emilior94 –

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm by /u/Quackadeus –

Professor Leyton and the Case of the Missing Hightower by /u/EduardoSteduardo –

The White Walkers are NOT Grey: Tolkien, Beowful, and the Monsters of ASOIAF by /u/jimgbr –

No Mercy and No Empty Threats: Kingslayer’s Choice in The Winds of Winter by /u/BaelBard –

Arya’s Fate and the Purpose of Lady Stoneheart by /u/DurranDurrandon –

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