MM11 Resurrection

We’ve talked about it for nearly a year now, and at last it’s here: the big resurrection episode! Join Michael (/u/Bookshelfstud), Eliana (/u/glass_table_girl), Matt (/u/joemagician), Aaron (/u/admiralkird), Jeff (/u/BryndenBFish), /u/fat_walda, and Sam (/u/-Sam-R-) as they explore the central miraculous mysteries of ASOIAF. We’ll talk about GRRM’s cryptic blog posts, explore some of the best (and tastiest!) recent posts on the subreddit, and then dive into the baffling magic of RESURRECTION!





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0:00:00 Introduction Montage
00:05:39 “What’s up with GRRM’s ‘Yowza!’ post?” – Link:


00:21:57 Highlight #1: “Euron is Victarion’s Role Model” by /u/BaelBard –

00:33:16 Highlight #2: “The Authentic recipe for the tart Arya filches in Harrenhal” by /u/cobbble –

00:40:00 Highlight #3: “GRRM confirmed Frey Pies Theory in 2012” by /u/zionus_ –

00:49:33 Highlight #4: “Quentyn OR the microcosm of GRRM’s writing in a single quote” by /u/Eagle_Ear

00:56:44 Highlight #5: “Why is Bloodraven never talked about as Lord Commander?” by /u/roosta –


01:03:09 Introduction & GRRM’s influences
01:28:24 Faith of the Seven – Sandor Clegane
01:32:14 The Dark Arts – Ser Robert Strong, Khal Drogo
01:42:01 Earth – The Old Gods, The Children
01:45:59 Sea – Aeron, Patchface
01:55:15 Ice Magic – The Others, Coldhands
02:04:06 FIRE MAGIC – Beric, Stoneheart, Jon
02:39:29 Wrap-up!


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