MM10 Best of 2017 Awards

The flowers are blooming, the fruits have ripened, and it’s time to harvest The Best of 2017! Join Michael (/u/Bookshelfstud), Eliana (/u/Glass_Table_Girl), Jen (/u/Jen_Snow), and Aaron (/u/AdmiralKird) as they dive into the real “meat and potatoes” of r/asoiaf. How do the Best of’s Really Work? What Analysis make you want to applaud with tears in your eyes and what theories make you want to drive a chevy into the Grand Canyon? What ASOIAF POV would be best poster on the Subreddit? Find it all out on MM10.





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0:00:00 Introduction Montage

0:09:33 “What POV would you switch places with?”

-Best of 2017 Awards-

0:21:00 “The Best ofs – How do they Work?”

0:25:25 The Alchemist Award – The Theory Most likely to Make You Want to Light Yourself on Fire

/u/Dayne_in_a_Shed for “The sordid truth about the Tower of ‘Joy'” –

0:31:05 Best Catch Award – The Nicest Catch

/u/ExplodingOctopus125 for “Robert and Rhaegar are the evil villains of each other’s fairy tale” –

0:38:24 The Dolorous Edd Award – The Funniest One Liner

/u/st_sebastian on “what should be the title of the last episode of HBO GoT” –

0:41:27 The Citadel Award – The Best Researched Theory/Analysis

/u/themurphysue for “Sansa’s Bolton plotline, two years later: what did it bring and what did it rob us of?” –

0:43:31 Best Theory Analysis Award

/u/YezenIRL for “The Identity of Urrathon Nightwalker is…” –

0:48:00 Best Character Analysis Award

/u/Defekted66 for “Bloodraven, Shepherd of Fate” –

/u/zombie-bait for “A Falling Star in Westeros Part I: Analyzing Ashara Dayne” –

0:57:17 Comment of the Year

/u/BehindtheQuaithe for “uncovering the true motive of the Others” –

/u/Lemonwizard for “A Comment on Sansa Stark” –

1:10:13 The Shinest Tinfoil Award – The Craziest, yet maybe plausible, Theory

/u/DragonTamer02 for “Cersei was cloned.” –

/u/IllyrioMoParties for “Let’s speculate wildly about the possibility that Renly was Robert’s son” –

1:19:59 Best New Theory Award

/u/aowshadow for “Robert ‘Sweetrobin’ Baelish” –

/u/feldman10 for “TWOW Prologue Theory: The Silent Man” –

1:30:19 Post of The Year Award

/u/hollowaydivision for “The So Spake Martin Search Engine” –

/u/akimble1 for “How Martin Writes: Dissecting the first page of The Hedge Knight” –

1:38:27 Conclusions


– All artwork was drawn by us (poorly).

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– A HUGE THANKS to /u/AdmiralKird, our fearless, tireless editor/producer who put in an insane amount of effort to make sure we sound like fairly well-adjusted, funny people.