MM7 GOTS7 Retrospective

It’s been awhile, but we’re back! With a S7 retrospective with special guest @ManuclearBomb (Manu). Bookshelfstud (Michael), Glass_Table_Girl (Eliana), and JoeMagician (Matt) join him to bring you, as always, the hottest topics of r/asoiaf!





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As always:

– All artwork used with permission or under fair use. Image of Dragonstone from The World of Ice and Fire by Philip Straub. Available on Amazon at

– Music by /u/-Sam-R-. This video utilizes the shield/flair system of r/asoiaf designed and adapted by /u/AdmiralKird. House Dayne Shield adapted by artwork from SiriusCrane. Check out his DeviantArt Page!

– As always, We make NO MONEY from this, no ads/patreon etc. You can pay us in upvotes and sweet nothings whispered in our ears.

– A HUGE THANKS to /u/AdmiralKird, our fearless, tireless editor/producer who put in an insane amount of effort to make sure we sound like fairly well-adjusted, funny people.


“Season of Jon Snow’s Love” by /u/silversherry –

“Sam of Horn Hill” by /u/TheSullied –

“Ser Duncan the Tall’s Skills: When the legend meets reality” by /u/Thomaerys –

“Sansa’s Bolton plotline, two years later: what did it bring and what did it rob us of?” by /u/TheMurphySue –

“Did Grand Maester Pycelle have another, secret motive to support the Lannisters? GRRM says he did..” by /u/MaxGarnaat –


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