MM6 Music, Costumes, & Cinematography

The Largest Maester Monthly yet, we bring you our July ‘17 highlights of r/asoiaf, as well as massive discussion on Game of Throne’s Music, Costumes, and Cinematography!

Maester Monthly is the r/asoiaf “modcast” about you for you, covering the hottest topics of the past month. This episode features…

  • Subreddit Highlights: Our favorite stuff from July of 2017
  • Game of Thrones Music Sam runs us through Ramin Djawadi’s famous GoT Music. Why are the motifs like what they are? How have they transformed? Which ones work masterfully? Which ones come up short?
  • Game of Thrones Costumes Walda and Isobel break down the Emmy winning costumes of Michele Clapton and how GoT costumes stand out above all the rest.
  • Game of Thrones Cinematography The crew goes through how GoT uses visual storytelling to enhance George RR Martin’s ASOIAF, and what makes the pages come to life.

Your hosts are /u/Bookshelfstud, /u/glass_table_girl, and /u/JoeMagician; we’re joined this episode by Very Special Guests /u/BryndenBFish, /u/MightyIsobel, /u/Fat_Walda. /u/-Sam-R-, and /u/AdmiralKird.

This episode is three hours long so we have again split it into four parts for youtube. You can check out the playlist, or all four below:




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As always:

– We make NO MONEY from this, no ads/patreon etc. You can pay us in upvotes and sweet nothings whispered in our ears.

– A HUGE THANKS to /u/-Sam-R- and /u/AdmiralKird, our fearless, tireless editors/producers who put in an insane amount of effort to make sure we sound like fairly well-adjusted, funny people.

– This video utilizes the shield/flair system of r/asoiaf designed and adapted by /u/AdmiralKird. House Dayne, Lannister, Euron Shields adapted by artwork from SiriusCrane. Check out his DeviantArt Page!

EPISODE 6 PART I : Sub Highlights July 2017


00:00 Introductions

02:00 Some Dumb Evidence for Someone Being Azor Ahai by /u/Xisuthrus

10:45 On magical cripples and Cartesian dualism with a twist by /u/catontherun

18:31 Arya Stark, Faceless Men & The Philosophy of Death by /u/Nymeria2015

25:35 On magical cripples and Cartesian dualism with a twist by /u/crowfoodsdaughter

36:35 Let’s talk about unreliable narrators by /u/lemonpeely

48:02 A Simple Explanation why Show Dorne was So Bad by /u/Fiery_And_Salty

EPISODE 6 Part II: Music


00:00 Sam’s Introduction

02:10 Main Title Theme

04:49 Stark Theme

09:06 “Littlefinger’s” Theme

11:07 Pay The Iron Price Theme

12:16 Euron’s Coronation Music

15:30 Baratheon Theme

18:25 Stannis’ Theme

21:41 Rains of Castamere

25:16 The Last of the Giants

26:53 The Dornishman’s Wife

28:04 Patchface’s Song

30:04 Light of the Seven

EPISODE 6 Part III: Costumes


00:00 Introduction & Michele Clapton

01:31 Seasons 1-6 Costumes

17:58 Season 7 Costumes

28:47 Helmets & Hats

31:50 Outfits in the Books


00:39 Michele Clapton – Helen Sloan / HBO, from Time Article, available at

01:00 Michele Clapton Winning Emmy – AP Images, from Holywood Reporter, available at

01:54 Sansa’s Wedding Dress Embroidery –

02:14 Wilding Concept Art – HBO, available at

02:24 Wildling Costume – HBO, available at

02:40 Lion on Shoulder Embroidery – HBO, available at

02:49 Sansa’s Wedding Dress Embroidery –

03:00 Sansa’s Wedding Dress Embroidery –

04:24 Sansa’s Wedding – HBO, GOT 5.06

04:35 Darth Sansa – HBO, GOT 4.10

05:30 Walda: Michele Clapton Interview

07:31 Yara’s Ironborn Armor – HBO, available at

09:02 Medieval Bright Colors, Chess Game – 14th Century Artist, available at

09:10 Medieval Cathedral – public domain, available at

09:22 Tourney Helm – public domain, available at

09:54 Greek Statues via UV Light Traces – Archaeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann, Gods in Color Exhibit, available at

12:01 Littlefinger Season 1 pinstripes – HBO, Promo Photo

13:07 Cersei’s Armor dress – HBO, Promo Photo

14:08 “She’s Gone Full Romulan Now” –, available at

14:36 The Assless Dress – HBO, GOT 5.03

14:44 Eliana: Michele Clapton Fashionista interview

15:14 Olenna Season 6 – HBO, from TVGuide, available at

16:21 The Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey – Carnival Films and Masterpiece WGBH/Boston

18:11 Daenerys Season 7 armor – HBO, Promo Photo

18:42 Daenerys Season 7 washed out red – HBO, Promo Photo

19:06 Viserys Season 1 – HBO, Promo Photo

19:22 Eliana: Michele Clapton Season 7 interview

21:11 Daenerys Season 7 on the beach – HBO, Promo Photo

21:25 Daenerys Season 7 the pleated skirt dress – HBO, Promo Photo

24:33 Cersei Season 7 – HBO, Promo Photo

26:15 Jaime’s red jacket – HBO, Promo Photo

29:03 Tywin’s helmet – HBO

29:24 Sandor’s helmet – HBO, GOT 1.01

30:12 Mance Rayder in Sombrero – HBO, edited by Aaron

31:21 Gregor’s helmet – HBO, GOT S7 2nd Trailer

35:36 Daario Naharis – art by Kittanee, available at

35:49 Oberyn Season 4 – HBO, Promo Photo

EPISODE 6 Part IV: Cinematography


00:00 Introductions & Color Palettes

5:36 The Cold Open, GOT 1.01

8:45 Adversaries Framed, GOT 1.10, 6.10

10:51 Theon makes a Choice, GOT 2.03

14:05 Ned sees the Light of the Spider, GOT 1.09

19:40 The Lion and the Cub, GOT 3.07

23:29 Hugged by Fire, GOT 4.09

29:01 Olly and the Curse of Reaction Shots, GOT 5.XX

31:30 Ants on the Wall, GOT3.06

38:30 BloodSoRaven, edited by Aaron, GOT 4.10

38:50 Jorah’s Distracting Shots, GOT 5.03

40:12 Goodbyes


1:30 Sam: Gary Curran interview

16:33 Sam: Alik Sakharov interview, available at

29:17 Aaron: Mike J. Nichols, Editor of The Phantom Edit, Commentary Track available at

14:02 Royalty Free Benny Hill Style Theme, available at


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