MM4 The Five Year Gap

Maester Monthly is back for a massive Episode IV!

Maester Monthly is the r/asoiaf “modcast” about you for you, covering the hottest topics of the past month. This episode features…

  • Subreddit Highlights: Our favorite stuff from April and May of 2017
  • The Unpopular Opinion Thunderdome takes on the topic of the Game of Thrones Spinoffs
  • Main Topic: The infamous Five Year Gap. Was George RR Martin right for doing it? What did it mean for AFFC/ADWD? What would the books look like without the Five Year Gap? And what does it all mean for The Winds of Winter?

Your hosts are /u/Bookshelfstud, /u/glass_table_girl, and /u/JoeMagician; we’re joined this episode by Very Special Guests /u/BryndenBFish, /u/-Sam-R-, and /u/AdmiralKird. We have also greatly enhanced our youtube video presentation, so check that out as well.

As always:

– We make NO MONEY from this, no ads/patreon etc. You can pay us in upvotes and sweet nothings whispered in our ears.

– A HUGE THANKS to /u/-Sam-R- and /u/AdmiralKird, our fearless, tireless editors/producers who put in an insane amount of effort to make sure we sound like fairly well-adjusted, funny people.






What is (in your opinion) the most [messed] up ASOIAF chapter? by /u/rowandondarriondayne

What to you are the strongest themes present in the books? by /u/lemonpeely

The gods are not good by /u/TyrionTLannister2

A bit of Cersei parallelism I noticed by /u/SomethingZoSomething

TWOW Prologue Theory: The Silent Man by /u/feldman10

My ideal TWOW prologue and not that unlikely by /u/ulongislanddh


00:00 – Introductions
01:26 – What is most messed up ASOIAF chapter?
10:45 – Subreddit Highlights: What are the strongest themes present in the books?
17:37 – Subreddit Highlights: The gods are Not Good
20:37 – Subreddit Highlights: Cersei & Robert Parallelism
26:53 – Subreddit Highlights: TWOW Prologue: The Silent Man
37:21 – Unpopular Opinion Thunderdome: Game of Thrones Spinoff Pitches
1:21:02 – Main Topic: The Five Year Gap
1:54:20 – Conclusion


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