MM3 The Women of Westeros

Maester Monthly, your favorite (pseudo)monthly podcast, has returned for Episode III!

We’re continuing a new podcast hosted by us, the moderators of /r/asoiaf. Maester Monthly is our space to talk about our favorite recent highlights from the subreddit, as well as doing a little in-depth ASOIAF discussion of our own.

This episode covers some of our favorite stuff from March (and early April) 2017. We’ve enhanced our segment, the Unpopular Opinion Thunderdome, and debate the conflict between Bowen Marsh and Jon Snow – was Jon to blame for his future? Or Was Bowen Marsh just a weasel? Finally, we conclude the hour with a March, Women’s History Month, discussion of the Women of Westeros!

Your hosts are /u/Bookshelfstud, /u/glass-table-girl, and /u/JoeMagician; we’re joined this episode by Very Special Guests /u/B4ssm4st3r, /u/Fat_walda, and /u/MightyIsobel!

As always:

– We make NO MONEY from this, no ads/patreon etc. You can pay us in upvotes and sweet nothings whispered in our ears.

– A HUGE THANKS to /u/-Sam-R- and /u/AdmiralKird, our fearless, tireless editors/producers who put in an insane amount of effort to make sure we sound like fairly well-adjusted, funny people.






The Young Wolf and The Hound by /u/Wild2098
The Order in which Dany’s dragons will die by /u/TyrionTLannister2
A Secret Ingredient for Dragon Hatching by /u/folieadeuxxmachinam
Lady Olenna and the wedding cloaks by /u/BastardBrave
Jon Snow’s mentors/father figures/influences by /u/TheDaysKing
Your thoughts on roles/attitudes towards both men and women in ASOIAF? by /u/user-n5
The lack of mother-daughter relationships by /u/aps131997


00:00 Introduction
00:46 What ASOIAF bling would you steal?
04:32 Subreddit Highlights The Young Wolf & The Hound
10:35 Subreddit Highlights The Order in Which Dany’s Dragons Will Die
16:14 Subreddit Highlights Lady Olenna and The Wedding Cloaks
21:12 Subreddit Highlights Jon Snow’s Mentors, Father Figures, & Influences
29:12 Unpopular Opinion Thunderdome Did Jon Snow have it coming at the end of A Dance With Dragons?
56:27 Main Topic The Women of Westeros
1:26:28 Conclusion