MM1.X Book of Swords, Rogue Prince, & Outtakes

Discussion from January about the Book of Swords, the best educational discussion of Targaryens on the planet, and outtakes!


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MM1 Best of 2016


As the recent Best Ofs have demonstrated, this subreddit somehow continues to churn out high-quality posts and discussions. We moderators are always bowled over by these posts, and wanted to provide people with a curated highlights reel of our personal favorite posts over the past month or so.

After months of discussing, planning, sweating, and chatting, we’ve put together a (pseudo)monthly podcast, Maester Monthly!

This episode covers some of our favorite posts from January 2017 (and very late December 2016); after those subreddit highlights, we then talk about all the Best Of winners for the Best Of 2016 awards. Your hosts are myself (/u/Bookshelfstud) and /u/glass-table-girl, with special guests /u/JoeMagician, and GRRM /u/BryndenBFish. /u/AdmiralKird pops up in there too.

A few notes:

  • We don’t make ANY MONEY off of this. At all. No ads, nothing like that. Just wouldn’t be right.
  • This wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible work of our editor/producer/music composer (seriously) /u/-Sam-R-. Sam is the Davos Seaworth of our team. He is a precious special man who needs to be protected at all costs.
  • It ALSO would not have been possible without the efforts of our doughty comrade-in-arms /u/AdmiralKird,who created our video material and graphics and generally made me, personally, lose my shit with his deadpan stylings.






The Martells: Trapped in a Fantasy by /u/SerPlant

Why TWOW is likely taking a bit longer than we hoped by /u/AdmiralKird

Why is the “Snow” in “he only shows me Snow” capitalised? by /u/Yauld

The Devil’s Advocate: an essay about the Red Wedding by /u/aowshadow

The So Spake Martin Search Engine by /u/hollowaydivision

Ask the Medievalist Nerd Anything by /u/AlamutJones

The Best Of Winners!


0:00 Introduction
2:09 The Modteam’s Favourite POV Characters
5:47 Subreddit Highlights The Martells – Trapped in a Fantasy
13:22 Subreddit Highlights Why TWOW is likely taking a bit longer than we hoped
19:22 Subreddit Highlights Why is the “Snow” in “he shows me only Snow” capitalised?
24:01 Subreddit Highlights The Devil’s Advocate – an essay about the Red Wedding
33:30 Subreddit Highlights The SSM Search Engine
35:01 Subreddit Highlights Medievalist Nerd AMA
37:52 Best Ofs Introducing the Best Ofs
38:43 Best Ofs, Tier 1 Best New Theory
42:09 Best Ofs, Tier 1 Alchemist Award
46:42 Best Ofs, Tier 1 Dolorous Edd Award
51:58 Best Ofs, Tier 1 Shiniest Tinfoil
54:43 Best Ofs, Tier 1 Post of the Year
1:01:01 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Comment of the Year
1:05:00 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Best Catch
1:10:46 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Cleganebowl Cup
1:13:12 Best Ofs, Tier 2 King Jaehaerys Award
1:17:54 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Best Non-Character Analysis
1:23:53 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Funniest Post
1:26:02 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Best Character Analysis
1:30:09 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Best Show Prediction Gone Wrong
1:35:19 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Best Theory Debunking
1:37:47 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Best Flair
1:41:20 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Duncan the Tall Award
1:45:41 Best Ofs, Tier 2 Community Project of the Year
1:56:25 Conclusion